David Helfgott

I would love David to play in my studio every day. Gillian is also such wonderful company. The air seems to change when these two are around. The everyday quality that I am always looking to try and push into a more surreal reality is swept out the window when they visit and I love that rare rare quality. I met David before performing with him on stage (he was playing, I was painting). We did this twice with both times being close to the most memorable occasions of my life. Despite the size of the audience I felt that he and I were in unison alone in a dream. I often paint to music but having David next to me on stage playing was like electricity pulsing through my body. David and his wife Gillian (also the most remarkable person) came to the studio and I painted as I did on stage. I would love him to come and play everyday!

Posted at 3:57pm on 02.09.09
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